onsdag 25. mai 2011

Here goes some photos from Botanical Garden in Oslo

In English.

This Siberian Maple tree is a pleasant sight in the summer with its beautiful foliage. In autumn, colorful, in winter a little fairytale with its bare branches and gnarled tree trunk. Truly a sight throughout the year.

In Norwegian,:

Denne Siberian Maple tree er et fornøyelig syn om sommeren med sitt skjønne bladverk. Om høsten fargerikt,om vinteren litt eventyraktig med sin nakne grener og krokete trestamme.  Virkelig ett syn for øyet hele året igjennom.

Credits goes to Granny.art.blogspot  and CraftersConer123(this blog is closed)
Software I mostly use to make my pages with is ScrapbookMax which I recommend as it is easy to use with many features and the price for it is quite affordable You will not be disappointed. 

And here goes a beautiful Rhododendron 

Credits goes to Keli Carter (KC`s scrappin)

And this is just amazing but unfortunately I don`t remember the name,but it is a beautiful big tree with charmig flowers indeed.

Oh yes I have to show off this gorgeous Magnolia tree as well
The Gorgeous flower that pops up as soon as the snow smelt is this fabulous Sanguinaria Canadensis "Multiplex"

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  1. Stunning pages all of them, the unnamed one might be a Wild Cherry Tree, it looks similar but I'm not certain, you could try Googling it.

  2. Sorry Pelle I used my other name